My name is Ashley, but online I go by Starpy! I'm a Bahamian-born artist now based in Arizona.

Since 2011 I've worked as a full-time digital freelance artist!

I specialize in bold & colorful illustration, character & outfit design, and VTuber model art creation. Active in expanding my skills, I also enjoy delving into more mediums like frame-by-frame animation, and plush toy design!

My work draws inspiration from anime, manga, retro video games, JRPG's, and several alt-fashion cultures!

My skills


– Clip Studio Paint

– Adobe Photoshop

– Krita

– Paint Tool Sai

Character Illustration and Design

– Able to draw and design both feminine and masculine characters in a variety of styles; including chibi, cute, and pin up.

– Experience and knowledge of fashion design. Specializing in Modern alt fashion, Japanese street fashions, Retro video game aesthetics, and JRPG fantasy aesthetics.

Merch Design

– Experience in design for apparel, stickers, keychains, enamel pins, and plush toys.

Style Matching

– Able to work on model for a variety of cartoon and animation styles.