• Can I do fanart/cosplay of your designs?
    • Yes of course but with credit and I would ask that you dont sell any merch of it
    • if you do a cosplay and want to sell prints I just ask that you mention in the description or something that I made the original design. I do ask that you dont then have someone draw merch of that costume, if you just base your cosplay off of my design and then make it different enough then yeah live the fair use life but yeah. Most of my designs I myself have turned into merch so it would be active competition of my own stuff.
  • Will/can you draw -insert character here-?
    • Probably not unless you commission me tbh. I dont take usually take requests and my job is already drawing so I only have enough time in the day to do the work I already have.
  • Can we art collab/trade?
    • Only for mutuals/brands (and when it comes to brands I pretty much mean professional ‘collaboration’ which includes money payment or a fair trade of product)